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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Worldmark by Wyndham, 356 NLRB 104 (2011)

Here's a pca case with a little bit of fashion for you to boot.

Wyndham changed its "resort casual" dresscode for its sales staff and the change did not go over well. The new code meant that shirts had to be tucked in. Tommy Bahama shirts were particularly popular with the sales staff, especially with salesman Feathers who held the title "King of Tommy Bahama Shirts." Tommy Bahama shirts are not meant to be tucked in.  Salesman Foley (no relationship) returned from vacation to find out about the new policy. Protected concerted activity ensued.

The animation is based on the facts of the case, although certain changes were necessary for both artistic and technical reasons.  The voice over is my poor version of a Bill Lumbergh.  

For more on this case, check out Jeff Hirsh's post at Workplace Prof Blog and Michael Eastman's take at NLRB Insights.

I couldn't get my animated characters to wear Tommy Bahama style shirts, so here is my son in one. Clearly this shirt should not be tucked in.

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