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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

DOL's Timesheet App

The DOL put out a news release yesterday about its new timesheet app for smartphones.  I just installed the app on my phone and  so far it does seem easy to use.  I can see how it would be helpful for hourly employees, especially in industries like construction where the work is often away from a facility.

I wonder if future versions of the app could help with some of the emerging smartphone/email wage and hour issues.  For instance, you could tell your phone what numbers were work-related.  That way, when you receive a call from Boss in your free time, the app could add the minutes of the call to your timesheet.  Similarly, every time you log into your work email, or read a work text, the app could add that time (or some estimate) into your timesheet.


  1. Alternatively, every time you receive a personal call during work hours, the time could be deducted...

  2. Good point, I don't know if that would be a selling point to employees - but I'm sure employers would like it.

  3. Good article about the controversy this DOl app is creating. http://tiny.cc/twgrh